'People often ask us why the main sound of Hornit dB140 is a high pitched alarm sound and not a ‘familiar’ car horn sound. It’s worth noting that the current Hornit dB140 actually already has both: the high pitched sound is 140 decibels and the car horn sound is 121 decibels. You press the button at the rear of the main unit to toggle between the two different sounds. 

The reason why the high pitched sound is the main sound is because our patented technology enables this particular frequency to be the loudest possible sound that can be generated by 2 AAA batteries and the loudest to the human ear. The louder a bike horn is, the safer the rider is. HORNIT dB140


The Hornit dB140 comes into its own when in situations where pedestrians are stepping into the road and drivers pulling out or changing lanes without looking properly. Subconsciously, in any of these situations, the pedestrian or driver will know they are doing something potentially dangerous and the Hornit dB140 enables the rider to get their attention before it’s too late and therefore prevent the situation from becoming dangerous. Users often write in to say they feel completely naked if they ride without their Hornit. Biking is much less stressful riding in towns and cities when the riders know they can get themselves noticed and will not have to rely on being seen.' - Tom de Pelet, Chief Hornit

Posted on:9/13/2017 3:19 AM